Trial Access to Access Engineering 26/10/2017

Access Engineering will be on trial access until November 24, 2017.

This online tool from McGraw-Hill technical delivers engineering reference material to the desktop or mobile device. AccessEngineering provides Web-based access to technical books, manuals, handbooks and more, enriched with instructional videos, interactive tables and charts and personalization tools. Includes more than 450 widely used technical texts with over 300,000 pages. AccessEngineering helps you:

- Expedite research and problem solving
- Enable product innovation

- Create value throughout the enterprise
- Speed time-to-market

- Reduce mistakes and oversight

- Minimize costs


Click here to access User Guide.

DataVis is an interactive, web-based data visualization tool that transforms the way students learn about material properties. DataVis, includes a curated dataset of 200 materials and 65 properties. Users can instantly visualize property data in interactive dot-plots and scatterplots across a wide range of materials. 

A link to "McGraw Hill Access Engineering" is available on the Databases page.


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