Open-Access Materials Database Save Research Time, Spur Material Science Advances 23/07/2018

In a collaboration led by scientist Andriy Zakutayev at NREL’s Materials Science Center and data scientist Caleb Phillips at NREL’s Computational Science Center, an NREL team created a database accessible to researchers studying inorganic materials for advanced energy applications.

The High Throughput Experimental Materials (HTEM) database is a collection of more than 140,000 sample entries of data on inorganic thin-film materials for advanced energy research. 

The mission of HTEM DB is to enable discovery of new materials with useful properties by releasing large amounts of high-quality experimental data to public. The HTEM DB (High Throughput Experimental Materials Database) contains information about materials obtained from high-throughput experiments at NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory).

A link to "High Throughput Experimental Materials (HTEM)" is available on the Databases page.

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