Plagiarism Seminar News and Video

04/12/2018 Görüntülenme Sayısı: 1528

On March 28, 2018 by İzmir Institute of Technology Library and Documentation Department, as a part of the “Library Week” activities, an information seminar was held on "Plagiarism" which is one of the most important subjects of the recent years. Research Assistant Dr. Güleda Doğan from Hacettepe University Faculty of Literature, Information and Document Management Department gave information about plagiarism and the topics related to plagiarism and how to prevent plagiarism.


You may reach the seminar’s video recording via

At the organized Plagiarism Seminar:

The ethical violations faced during scientific communication process,

The most common ethical violation types,

Types of plagiarism, possible consequences of plagiarism,

Sanctions on plagiarism,

Plagiarism in thesis, the effect of using reference rules correctly on plagiarism,

Current examples of plagiarism,

Plagiarism avoidance, understanding plagiarism and the ways to avoid plagiarism were addressed.

Plagiarism have serious consequences thereby violation of the rights of information generators. This seminar which was held at IYTE Show Center for the members of our institution to not be influenced by those consequences and, were followed closely by our institutions academicians and students.


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