Trial Access to Intihal.Net


Intihal.Net database will be on trial Access until December 31, 2019.

Plagiarism is taking and using someone else's publications contrary to the rules and ethics. When plagiarism is done, the originality of the work breaks down. Intihal.Net is a web-based plagiarism detection and reporting software specialized to detect many types of plagiarism. We test the originality of documents in Turkey's largest digital scientific database. Plagiarism types is following:

  • Reproduction: Take someone else's work directly and show it as your own work.
  • Copying: Copy some of the other works directly and add them to your own work.
  • Copy but Change: Copy the text from another source and insert it in your own text with minor changes.
  • Mosaic: To prepare a new study by combining studies from multiple sources.
  • Self Plagiarism: Copying from a work of his own that he had done before.

Passwords for using Intihal.Net will be given by IZTECH Library to the users on demand. Users who want to use Intihal.Net need to provide their full name, surname, status and e-mail adress to or address.

A link to “” is available Databases Page.