Subscription to iThenticate 08/11/2018

ULAKBIM has made iThenticate Software available to all institutions under the National Licence.

TUBITAK Ulakbim has provided access for faculties to iThenticate, which is used to evaluate academic papers (except student homeworks and theses: License agreement of iThenticate doesn't permit to use it for student homeworks and theses. Please use Turnitin for those material) in order to detect plagiarism. iThenticate's control database consists of academic databases, academic journals and publications and 17+ billion web pages. Differently from Turnitin, iThenticate does not add the checked documents to its database.

Passwords for using iThenticate will be given by IZTECH Library to the faculties on demand. Faculties who want to use iThenticate need to provide their full name, surname and email address to or address.

A link to “iThenticate” is available Databases Page.

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