Subscription to JoVE

10/01/2020 Görüntülenme Sayısı: 332



We have subscribed to "JoVE Video Journal"  and "JoVE Science Education" collections of JoVE, the first peer-based peer-reviewed scientific journal. You can find below subject titles that we have subscribed: 

JoVE Video Journal is the leading peer-reviewed, PuMed-indexed video methods journal. The journal publishes experimental techniques in a visual format with detailed text protocols to increase scientific reproducibility and productivity. 

Subject titles of JoVE Video Journal Package we have subscribed:

  • JoVE Behavior 
  • JoVE Biology
  • JoVE Bioengineering
  • JoVE Chemistry
  • JoVE Engineering
  • JoVE Neuroscience

JoVE Science Education is a revolutionary video library dedicated to teaching scientific fundamentals through simple easy-to-understand video demonstrations.

Subject titles of JoVE Science Education Package we have subscribed:

  • Basic Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Engineering

The links of "JoVE Video Journal"  and "JoVE Science Education" are available Databases page.