Trial Access to Pearson VitalSource eTexts 10/10/2017


Pearson VitalSource eTexts will be on trial access until 10 December, 2017.

Pearson VitalSource eTexts are PDF files that you can download to your desktop, laptop and access offline from your computer, tablet or smartphone using Bookshelf. You can also access your VitalSource eText online using Bookshelf Online.

Usage Information:

  1. Click the "Select to activate" button under the book you want to open.
  2. After clicking "Select to activate" button, "Launch" button will be activated.
  3. At this stage, the system offers 2 options;
    a) Enter your e-mail address: Entering your email allows you to:
    - Read books offline with mobile and desktop apps of VitalSource.
    - Share your notes and highlights with friends.
    b) Click on the “No thanks, I’ll skip this step”.  With this option you will open the book directly. 

Important Information:

  1. Only 3 users can access the same book concurrently.
  2. Each activated book is accessible for 24 hours. At the end of 24 hours, the system automatically retrieves the book from the user. Users who want to continue to use after 24 hours need to re-activate the book.
  3. The book can also be returned by the user in less than 24 hours.
Click here for user guide.

Links to Pearson VitalSource eTexts is available on the Databases page.

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