Trial Access to Pharmaceutical Substances (Thieme)

06/11/2014 Görüntülenme Sayısı: 5209

"Pharmaceutical Substances" will be on trial access until November 30th, 2014.

Pharmaceutical Substances is a one-stop source of information relating to the industrial synthesis and commercial applications of every licensed drug of significance. It provides ready access to

• syntheses, patents, and applications for more than 2,500 active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)

• including intermediates

• from the six most important markets 

Professors Axel Kleemann, Jürgen Engel, Bernhard Kutscher, and Dr. Dietmar Reichert present in a clear and concise manner highly evaluated information collected from all the relevant literature and commercial patent data.

For more than 30 years, Pharmaceutical Substances has been a standard reference in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. It is the most authoritative resource for

  • Researchers
  • Process chemists
  • Teaching in the field of medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry
  • Everyone involved in design, discovery, development, evaluation, and marketing of drugs 

A link to "Pharmaceutical Substances" is available "Databases" page.