Make Your RSC Article Open Access 23/02/2015

Dear Academicians,

As an RSC subscriber our institution is entitled 4 voucher codes which can be used to publish accepted Royal Society of Chemistry papers via RSC Gold OA option.This way the articles are accessible not only to subscribers of the journals but to everyone.  

As soon as you are informed by RSC that your article has been accepted, please send an e-mail to
Terms and Conditions of Use of the Voucher Codes:
  • Each voucher may be used to make one article Gold Open Access.
  • The year of the voucher issue must be the same as the year in which the article was accepted for publication. For example, a Gold for Gold voucher issued in 2015 can only be redeemed for an article accepted for publication in 2015.
  • When an article has been accepted, a specific voucher code should be allocated to the article by the Gold for Gold representative. This voucher code should be used by the author or representative to complete the online application form here:
  • The applicant will also be asked to complete an Open Access licence to publish form. This may be downloaded here: . The completed form should be returned to
  • Once the application and licence to publish form have been received, the article will be made freely available on RSC website. The applicant will be notified accordingly.
Why Open Access:
  1. Increases readers’ ability to find use relevant literature
  2. Increases the visibility, readership and impact of author’s works
  3. Creates new avenues for discovery in digital environment
  4. Enhances interdisciplinary research
  5. Accelerates the pace of research, discovery and innovation

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