Trial Access to Sayısal Kitap Database 16/10/2018


SAYISAL KİTAP will be on trial access until November 16th, 2018.

SAYISAL KİTAP presents its online platform where libraries can choose individual books, if they wish, they can subscribe on annual basis on certain collections and use such e-resources for free to all users. The library users can access the books on the SAYISAL KiTAP platform with a web viewer on any computer or mobile device, find the books they want with the query and filtering options and read them free of charge. Users can create their own library from selected books and search and mark them in the books they read. She can use features such as taking notes about the book, citing, sharing links in social media.

A link toSAYISAL KİTAP is available on the Databases Page.

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