Trial Access to Statista 27/04/2017

Statista database which provides access to statistics, reports and information about industry, company, market and country, will be on trial access until 31 May, 2017.

Statista provides statistics and quantitative data on over 60,000 topics and areas of interest categorized into 22 market sectors, aggregated from over 18,000 high quality sources

The benefits of Statista

  • More than 1 million statistics and facts from over 18,000 different sources on over 60,000 topics and areas of interest
  • Studies database with 10,000 studies and reports from third parties as well as all Statista dossiers and Industry Reports
  • Focus of the international database on U.S., China and Europe
  • Direct download of all data in .ppt, .xls, .pdf and .png format
  • Access to the Digital Market Outlook
  • Detailed forecasts for more than 450 different industries from 40 advanced economies and developing countries

Link to Statista is available on the Databases page.

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