Trial Access to EBSCO Databases (eBook Academic Collection, Engineering Source, and Applied Science and Technology Source Ultimate)

We have trial access to the EBSCO databases below until June 1, 2023.

1. eBook Academic Collection: 

eBook Academic Collection This multidisciplinary collection includes thousands of e-books covering a large selection of academic subjects and features e-books from leading publishers and university presses.
Business and economics, Education, Language arts and disciplines, Political science, Religion, Literary criticism, Medical, Social Science, Philosophy, Technology and Engineering, World History

Content Includes:

221.905+ multidisciplinary academic e-books

More than 89,700 e-books published by 180+ university publishers such as Harvard University Press, Cambridge University Press, MIT Press, the University of California Press

Thousands of eBooks from leading publishers like Elsevier, Taylor & Francis, Sage, John Wiley

2.880+ e-books included in CHOICE magazine’s Outstanding Academic Titles list 

2. Engineering Source: 

Engineering Source is the premier database for professionals and researchers across all engineering disciplines, including biomedical, civil, electrical, mechanical, environmental, and software. It includes hundreds of full-text engineering journals, magazines, and trade publications, plus books, conference papers, and more.
Content Includes:
1.547 full-text journals, magazines, and trade publications
2.965 indexed and abstracted publications

Some of the featured journals: Advanced Robotics, Advances in Structural Engineering, Communications of the ACM, International Journal of Quantum ChemistryJournal of Engineering Design, Journal of Engineering Education, Journal of the ACMPlanning Perspectives, Process Safety & Environmental Protection: Part B, Quality Engineering, Scientific American

3. Applied Science and Technology Source Ultimate:

Applied Science and Technology Source Ultimate includes 2.679 active indexed and abstracted journals. 2.423 of them are peer-reviewed.

Subjects Covered: Acoustics, Aeronautics, Applied sciences, Artificial intelligence, Astrophysics, Automation, Bioinformatics, Chemistry, Communication and information technology, Computer databases and software, Computer theory, and systems, Electromechanics, Energy resources and research, Engineering and biomedical materials, Engineering disciplines, Machinery, Marine Technology, Metallurgy, Mineralogy, Nanotechnology, Neural networks, New technologies, Optical and neural computing, Plastics, Robotics, Signal processing, Solid state technology, Space science, Virtual reality

“eBook Academic Collection,” “Engineering Source,” and “Applied Science and Technology Source Ultimate” can be accessed from the Databases Page.

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