Opportunity to win 5 000 Euro – Design the new logo of the European Open Science Cloud

You can shape the visual identity of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), partner of OpenAIRE Association.

Take part in the EOSC logo competition and create a new style for the European Open Science Cloud that supports cutting-edge research by providing data, tools, and services. The winner will be awarded a prize of €5 000 and will get the chance to present their work at the next EOSC Symposium, which brings together experts from across Europe.

Deadline:25 February 2022

Who can apply?

You can take part in the competition if you are a student or recent graduate (graduated in 2021) who

  • was born no earlier than 1991
  • is/ was enrolled for a bachelor or master’s degree in graphic design or a related topic

You can read the design specifications and submission rules at https://eosc.eu/eosc-logo-competition-application

About OpenAIRE: OpenAIRE, the EU technical infrastructure project, established a legal entity to ensure a permanent presence and structure for a European-wide national policy and open scholarly communication infrastructure in 2018. IZTECH is one of the founding members of OpenAIRE which has 47 members from 38 different countries and our Director, Gultekin Gurdal, is one of the members of the OpenAIRE Board of Directors.

About EOSC: A virtual environment with free at the point of use, open, and seamless services for storage, management, analysis, and re-use of research data, across borders and scientific disciplines.