Subscription to Tumer ALTAS Online Exam Preparation Database

We have subscribed to Tümer ALTAŞ Exam Preparation Database for the year 2023. The database has been created for preparation for e-YDS/YDS, YÖKDİL, TIPDİL, PTE, IELTS, TOEFL iBT exams.


Please create an account to access:

  • From the Databases page, click on the title “Tümer ALTAŞ A.Ş. Sınav Hazırlık ve Dil Eğitimi Veritabanı” or the link of
  • Utilize your university email address for registration

P.S.: If you have registered in the previous years, you can “log in” with the same account without registering again.

Content of the Database:

Practice Exams:
5 (e) YDS and 15 YÖKDİL (Health-Social-Science) Full Practice Exams.
In real exam mode, 180 minutes duration.

Conversation and Supports Club: An online room where users interact with each other by participating in the online session.
24/7 access.

Exam Preparation Packs 

  • (e) YDS: 1278 KPDS questions from 2005 -2012 and video solution for each question.
  • YÖKDİL:  3178 ÜDS (Health, Social and Science) questions from 2005 -2012 and video solution for each question.
  • TIPDİL: 1019 ÜDS Health questions from 2005 -2012 and video solution for each question.

Skill Packs

  • Word Learning by Listening: 3642 academic exam words and audio connection prepared with memory techniques for each word.
  • Translation Videos 1: Sentence Translation Videos
  • Translation Videos 2: Paragraph Translations and Strategy Videos.
  • Grammar: Grammar tests with thousands of questions.
  • Grammar Lecture Videos: 335 video

Special Packs

  • Word++: 15-word packs: thousands of questions
  • OKey: All skills in one package: reading-understanding, grammar, vocabulary, speaking, writing, listening.

It contains more than 10.000 visual and audio content and thousands of additional questions.


“Tümer ALTAŞ A.Ş. Sınav Hazırlık ve Dil Eğitimi” can be accessed from Databases page.