Trial Access to Tümer ALTAŞ Online Exam Preparation Database

Tümer ALTAŞ Exam Preparation Database will be on trial access until November 30, 2022.  The database has been created for preparation for e-YDS/YDS, YÖKDİL, TIPDİL, PTE, IELTS, TOEFL iBT exams.


Please create an account to access:

  • From the Databases page, click on the title “Tümer ALTAŞ A.Ş. Sınav Hazırlık ve Dil Eğitimi Veritabanı” or the link of
  • Utilize your university email address for registration

P.S: If you have registered in the previous years, you can “log in” with the same account without registering again.

Content of the Database:

Practice Exams:
5 (e) YDS and 15 YÖKDİL (Health-Social-Science) Full Practice Exams.
In real exam mode, 180 minutes duration.

Conversation and Supports Club: An online room where users interact with each other by participating in the online session.
24/7 access.

Exam Preparation Packs 

  • (e) YDS: 1278 KPDS questions from 2005 -2012 and video solution for each question.
  • YÖKDİL:  3178 ÜDS (Health, Social and Science) questions from 2005 -2012 and video solution for each question.
  • TIPDİL: 1019 ÜDS Health questions from 2005 -2012 and video solution for each question.

Skill Packs

  • Word Learning by Listening: 3642 academic exam words and audio connection prepared with memory techniques for each word.
  • Translation Videos 1: Sentence Translation Videos
  • Translation Videos 2: Paragraph Translations and Strategy Videos.
  • Grammar: Grammar tests with thousands of questions.
  • Grammar Lecture Videos: 335 video

Special Packs

  • Word++: 15-word packs: thousands of questions
  • OKey: All skills in one package: reading-understanding, grammar, vocabulary, speaking, writing, listening.

It contains more than 10.000 visual and audio content and thousands of additional questions.


“Tümer ALTAŞ A.Ş. Sınav Hazırlık ve Dil Eğitimi” can be accessed from Databases page.