Off Campus

Access to most of our subscribed databases/e-resources is provided through the Institute’s IP addresses. So, these resources are accessed directly from the “Databases” page on campus.


Off-campus access: There are two main methods to access databases/e-resources from outside the campus.

  1. Access via YETKIM, the National Academic Network ULAKNET: We only have access to the following databases with YETKİM. By clicking on the database titles, you can access information and images on how to access each via YETKİM.

It is possible to find detailed information at

2. Access all databases by making proxy settings in your browser: 
For detailed information on how to make settings for Chrome, Firefox, and mobile phones:

For your questions about databases/e-resources, send the e-mail to library[at], or call 7506345 and 7506343.