A New Subject from JoVE: JoVE Core: Physics

A new subject, JoVE Core: Physics, has been added to JoVE collections and will be accessible for us until the end of the year. JoVE is the producer and provider of science videos to improve scientific research and education. We have a subscription to all JoVE Collections

JoVE Core: Physics introduces the theory and application of fundamental physics topics, including kinematics, dynamics, fluid mechanics, statics, waves, and acoustics, with concise and easy-to-understand animated videos. Additionally, the scientist-in-action videos demonstrate the application of related concepts in classical and original research experiments performed in today’s laboratories worldwide.

The Integration of JoVE videos into Cloud-LMS has been done. JoVE provides support in the syllabus mapping of JoVE videos to your course and creating quizzes. Please contact us at library@iyte.edu.tr to take advantage of these services.

The links to “JoVE Research” and “JoVE Education” are available Databases page.

P.S.: You can access all databases via Ezproxy with your IZTECH email address and password from off-campus.