Dealing with and Avoiding Predatory Journals

Charlesworth Author Services organizes a free panel on “Dealing with and Avoiding Predatory Journals.” You can find detailed information below.

Dealing with and Avoiding Predatory Journals
What do you do if you have unknowingly submitted your paper to a predatory journal – and they are now using various tactics to exploit you? How do you deal with such a journal, in order to not adversely impact your academic reputation? Better still, how do you identify a predatory journal, publisher, or site in order to avoid submitting to it? In this panel discussion, Charlesworth experts share ways to deal with and also provide tips on how to identify (and thus avoid) predatory journals and publishers.

– Sunaina Singh, Academic Editor & Trainer
– Daniel Sullivan, Journal Editorial Director & Trainer

Date: 21 April 2022, Thursday
Time: 16:00 – 17:00 (TR Time)

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The language of the webinars will be English.

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