eLife – An Example of Innovative Approach to Assessment Process

eLife, a selective, not-for-profit peer-reviewed open access scientific journal for the biomedical and life sciences, has been added to our databases page. It was established at the end of 2012 by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Max Planck Society, and Wellcome Trust.

eLife’s editorial policy is geared to the fast and efficient publication of sound scientific research results that contribute to the development of knowledge in the covered areas. Its innovative approach on manuscripts assessment process stands out. For transparency and openness sake, eLife publishes the most relevant parts of the peer review process and decisions, as well as responses from the authors, upon their authorization. The whole process, from online submission to acceptance takes on average 90 days. Click here to access the blog post about eLife.

Detailed information about editorial Process: https://reviewer.elifesciences.org/author-guide/editorial-process

The link to “eLife” is available on the Databases Page.