Trial Access to Akademisyen Online Database

We have trial access to the Akademisyen Online Database (AOV), which contains over 2,500 Turkish books, mostly in Turkish, in all academic fields, until December 31, 2023.

You can access the Akademisyen Online Database from the Databases page. You can register by clicking the “Register” link at the top right corner of the Akademisyen Online website with your IZTECH extension e-mail addresses, and then log in with your account information.


  • AOV aims for the simplest interface, allowing users to access and read the relevant e-books.
  • Search results can be filtered by year, discipline, and book section.
  • Books are DRM Protected, cannot be downloaded or printed, but can be viewed unlimitedly.
  • The web interface is compatible with mobile devices.


  • 36 e-books in Science and Mathematics
  • 67 e-books in Architecture and Engineering
  • 1025 e-books in Medicine and Health Sciences
  • 304 e-books in Sports Sciences
  • 336 e-books in Social Sciences
  • 272 e-books in the field of Economics and Administrative Sciences
  • 96 e-books in the field of Educational Sciences
  • 11 e-books in Law
  • 57 e-books in Communication Sciences
  • 74 e-books in Language and Literature
  • 49 e-books in Agriculture and Aquaculture
  • 69 e-books in Fine Arts
  • 22 e-books in History