Trial Access to AYEUM (Research Methods Training and Application Center) Database

AYEUM (Research Methods Training and Application Center) Database is on trial access until November 1, 2022. AYEUM contains online courses about methods that may be needed in scientific research and the computer software used in this process.

By registering with your iztech extension e-mail address at, you can access the below ten courses during trial access.

  • Developing Research Skills in Educational Sciences-Social Sciences
  • Fundamentals of Qualitative Research
  • English Article Writing 
  • Panel Data Analysis with Eviews
  • Basic MAXQDA
  • Quantitative Data Analysis with Basic SPSS
  • Basic R Applications
  • Journal finding methods for SSCI/SCI/AHCI Index that are appropriate for your article content
  • Decision-Making Processes in Data Analysis
  • Meta-Analysis and CMA Usage Training